Cayetana San Segundo was born in Ecuador and has lived in several countries throughout her life. She spent her childhood in Zaragoza, Spain, the home of her father and in Guayaquil, Ecuador where her mother was from.  She also spent time in France, Italy, Colombia and Denmark. Her Parents loved traveling, learning about cultures from other countries, their Arts, cuisines and Fashion.


Here parents enabled her to pursue many creative activities, hobbies and jobs during her life in Ecuador and Spain. She was able to work, in television, theater, modeling, photography, film and she painted. She moved to the United States of America in 1998. After a couple of years of working and studying she focused on design and returned to school to receive a Bachelor of Art  in Design.   She returned to her artistic roots.

Her roots shape her design work, she incorporates details that remind me of places she has lived and traveled throughout her live. She uses the cultures she was so lucky to be shown as a child by bring together the different cultures’ colors, textures and materials.

She is also known to incorporate exotic objects when appropriate. Her fascination with everything exotic comes from my mother’s Afro-Latin roots. From my father, she learned to appreciate music, especially the lamenting tones of flamenco.

She is very musical and for that reason, she likes to attach a song or album to each of her projects that reflects her feelings for the work. Seeking to create a style in which people cannot wait to see and then love so much they do not want to let go.  Her hobbies include anything that includes movement.  Loving dance which she especially enjoys exploring new styles and expressions. Not limited to Dance she enjoys activities that include exercise like kickboxing, snowboarding, and rollerblading.

Every day I try to focus on enjoying the things the world has for us.